Diversity an Important Issue for Business

Workforce diversity is an essential business concern. The demographics of today’s workforce are dramatically different to those of a decade ago. The workforce is no longer dominated by a homogenous group of white males; available resources and talent are now overwhelmingly represented by people from a vast array of backgrounds and life experiences.

Differences such as gender, race, culture, religion, sexual preference and behavioural and thinking styles need to be recognised and harnessed in order to not only maximise employee involvement but also to add value to the service delivered to clients and customers.

diversity graphic

The influence of a variety of perspectives and viewpoints can contribute to flexibility and creativity within organisations, which can in turn help them thrive in a complex and competitive global economy.

There is a strong body of local and international research that demonstrates the bottom line benefits of diverse teams in areas such as productivity, performance and problem solving. We can help you to better manage your diverse workforce in a number of ways:

 1. Need help with your Diversity Strategy?

If you do not already have a Diversity Strategy in place, we can help you identify your priorities and put programs and initiatives in place that ensure you meet your business and workforce needs and remain competitive in the attraction and retention of available/skilled and experienced staff. We can also help to rejuvenate your current strategies and assist you to meet  ASX requirements.

2. Diversity Training

The workforce is changing. Lack of awareness around our personal and organisational biases may be unconsciously discriminating against a number of different groups. Organisations a will lose out  and need to take action to overcome unconscious biases! Our Diversity Training for leaders and staff includes a component that addresses the issue of unconscious bias. We help participants to become aware of their unconscious biases and the ways in which this impacts on their teams. The workshop includes ways in which leaders can build their skills to overcome bias as well as address the structural issues within their organisation.    Other components of the training are developed according to a client's needs but may include case studies and skills practices that focus on dealing with day to day diversity issues.