Small Business - Gaining Work/Life Balance

Tried and tested practical resources specifically developed for small business.

Small businesses have unique opportunities and challenges to address the work/life needs of staff and the business owners. Whilst, in many cases, having a small team can offer greater flexibility and responsiveness to both business and family needs, it can also create difficulties in maintaining customer service levels and productivity.

Our practical experience in working with small business owners and managers indicates that whilst many would like to do more to assist their staff,they are limited by time and potential costs.

Recognising these concerns, Managing Work|Life Balance International's consultants have developed a suite of materials and programs that enable the owner/manager to introduce sound policies and initiatives, including flexible work arrangements that are low cost, low maintenance and relatively easy to manage.

We can assist through:

  • Advice and guidance about how to assess and understand employee work/family/lifestyle needs (includes a mini survey)
  • A flexible work arrangement Tool Kit for Small Business
  • Flexible work arrangement policies and guidelines
  • Workshops for managers and staff - 'Creating and sustaining work/life balance'
  • Ongoing consulting 'package' which enables the business owner/manager to access professional advice and guidance from an experienced work/life consultant as required.