Internal Review - Surveys and Evaluation

There's a truism that says 'what gets measured - gets valued'. This can be applied to work/life/flexibility strategies in the majority of organisations. Being able to demonstrate the return on your investment in  programs and initiatives is a powerful way to emphasise the importance of these strategies and gain managment committment even in times of budgetary constraints.

Introducing (and upgrading) work/life/flexibility arrangements is increasingly important for all generations of staff who need a better balance and greater flexibility in where and when they work. As a result of internal research iIncreasing numbers of organisations have found that flexible working is an important strategy to retain their mature aged staff. The data they collected has helped them to justify increased efforts in this area.

Whilst many organisations now include questions about work/life issues and flexible work arrangements in their culture surveys, these do not always deliver sufficently detailed or robust data to identify the changing needs of the workforce. Our tried and tested processes delivers data that can be trusted.

Work/Life Survey

Managing Work|Life Balance International provides a wide-ranging research service which includes a comprehensive work/life audit. This is customised to meet client's specific requirements. It is designed to highlight work/life/flexibility issues and will identify key:

  • challenges,
  • employee needs and priorities,
  • differing needs of different / diverse demographic groups, espcially by age, gender, business unit and location,
  • compliance issues, 
  • successes to date, and
  • areas requiring improvement.

The results of the assessment provides your organisation with quantitative and qualitative data which can be used to develop a detailed work plan to address the needs identified. Importantly, the data can subsequently be used as a benchmark to evaluate the success of policies and programs implemented.


If a work/life strategy is to be responsive to the needs of staff, the business and managers, then it needs to be updated on a regular basis and evaluated to ensure that there is a return on investment. In addition, the quality and value of programs such as EAP Services, Health and Wellbeing programs need to be consistently monitored and evaluated. We have had extensive experience in facilitating evaluation processes that allow you to focus your efforts in areas that are appropriate for current organisational needs.