Each organisation has its own particular culture, leadership and work-styles, and business priorities. We work with you to identify the best way to create the changes you want to make in the areas of work/life strategies and programs, flexible work arrangements and diversity management. 

The initial stage in most projects is for both the

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Diversity an Important Issue for Business

Workforce diversity is an essential business concern. The demographics of today’s workforce are dramatically different to those of a decade ago. The workforce is no longer dominated by a homogenous group of white males; available resources and talent are now overwhelmingly represented by

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Advice and Coaching

Work/Life Coaching 

Finding a way to achieve the perceived nirvana of work/life balance can be challenging and confronting. Just taking the first step of admitting there is a problem, especially where personal issues, workload stress and conflicting priorities is a huge barrier to moving forward and taking action

To assist staff and

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Work/life issues are an important 'bottom line' concern

Effective work/life strategies that meet the needs of an organisation and its employees are vital in maintaining a competitive edge in today's rapidly changing business environment. Organisations with a corporate culture that values the diversity within its workforce and offers a range of

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Work/Life Research

Managing Work|Life Balance International regularly undertakes research projects for both public and private sector organisations, as well as conducting national surveys on topics relating to work/life/diversity issues. On this page we have posted links and summaries of research from Australia and overseas organisations which

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News and Articles of Interest

On this section of the site you will find recent articles from a variety of sources that may be of interest to those searching for new information on work/life balance, flexible work options, diversity management and paid parental leave. We will update this section each time we find an article of interest.


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Internal Review - Surveys and Evaluation

There's a truism that says 'what gets measured - gets valued'. This can be applied to work/life/flexibility strategies in the majority of organisations. Being able to demonstrate the return on your investment in  programs and initiatives is a powerful way to emphasise the importance of these strategies

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Education & Training

There's abundant evidence to show (see our research page) that where managers and staff have developed the skills and behaviours to manage work/life/flexibility issues, the implementation of the strategy has a greater chance of success.

Our highly participative workshops are based on adult learning principles

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Small Business - Gaining Work/Life Balance

Tried and tested practical resources specifically developed for small business.

Small businesses have unique opportunities and challenges to address the work/life needs of staff and the business owners. Whilst, in many cases, having a small team can offer greater flexibility and responsiveness to both

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