Flexible Work Arrangement Tool Kit

A practical, tried and tested suite of materials that give Managers, HR Professionals and Employees the tools and information they need to implement and make flexibility work, in their workplace.

The Kits were designed and tested by our consulting team, who have over 25 years experience in partnering with clients to implement flexible work arrangements. The Flexible Work Arrangement Tool Kits are regularly upgraded to reflect the changing needs of Employers and Employees. Changes to employment legislation and the introduction of the Fair Work Act mean that employers need to have a process in place to manage and respond appropriately to requests for a flexible work arrangement. These Tool Kits provide a sound basis for that process.

The Flexible Work Implementation Guide

This Kit is designed for HR Professionals and Managers who are responsible for the implementation of flexible work arrangements within their workplace..

The Employee and Manager Guidesside flexkit

These materials provide a basis for an application for a flexible work option and transparent decision-making which are key components of the new 'right to request a flexible work option' contained within the government's National Employment Standards.

Who needs the Kits?

  • HR Professionals, who are responsible for the attraction and retention of staff.
  • Managers who are responsible for the ‘engagement’ and retention of staff within their work teams.
  • Executives and Leaders who need to support a workplace culture that is flexible and responsive to the needs of employees.
  • Employees who want and need to build their business case for a flexible work arrangement and are mutually responsible with their manager for ensuring their flexible work arrangement succeeds.

How will the Kits help?

The kits include detailed information that will enable managers, employees and team members to:

  • Work together to develop appropriate flexible work arrangements that meet the needs of the individual, the team and the business
  • Comply with legislation that relates to the 'right to request' a flexible work arrangement
  • Create win/win solutions to sometimes challenging situations where implementing flexibility requires considerable change to the way work is undertaken
  • Develop the business case/proposal for a flexible work option that is based on sound research and realistic options
  • Consult and communicate with stakeholders to ensure that the 'set up' of a flexible work arrangement has minimal impact on the internal or external client/customer.

What’s in the Kits?

1. The Employee Guide assists the Employee to build their business case for change, gain an understanding of the impact of the change on their job role, their work/life balance and their contribution to the team. It includes:

  • A step-by-step guide to assessing their personal need for flexibility and understanding the implications of the change
  • Information on the organisation's flexible work options policies
  • A 'business case' pro forma (this can be customised for clients)
  • Options to consider if the initial request needs to be modified
  • Guidance on establishing success criteria
  • Implementation and evaluation steps.

2. The Manager Guide highlights the benefits of flexible working and outlines the decision-making process to be used when reviewing a request for flexible working. It includes:

  • Information about the organisation's policies and practices
  • Discussion guides to be used when responding to requests from employees
  • Suggestions on record-keeping and notetaking
  • Hints on 'risk management' issues
  • Suggestions on managing performance and establishing monitoring processes
  • Templates for establishing a flexible work agreement
  • Implementation guidelines.

3. The Implementation Guide is designed for the HR Practitioner or Manager who is supporting others to implement flexible work arrangements within the workplace. It contains information about:

  • The importance of workplace flexibility
  • Bottom-line benefits of flexibility in the workplace
  • Implementation issues and ways to develop win/win solutions
  • Overcoming Roadblocks and Myths
  • Communicating about Flexible Working
  • Flexibility Team Planning Process
  • Hints and Tips to Achieve Success.

In each booklet, there are examples and case studies that can be tailored to reflect the organisation's business environment.

Clients may purchase the license to produce these Kits within their organisations. They can be tailored to meet specific business environments, and can be placed on the organisation's intranet. Contact Managing Work|Life Balance for more information.