Engaging Your Multi Generational Workforce

Manage the Potential of your Multi Generational Workforce

Managing Work|Life Balance and Workplace Wisdom NZ have joined forces to help you benefit from the opportunities that are emerging as a result of the ageing of the population and the changing of workforce demographics. We help organisations and communities avoid the negatives by taking advantage of the positive possibilities ahead.

Intergenerational Multi Cultural WorkforceWe are uniquely qualified to work with you. Our values and aims are closely aligned. Our consulting team are aged over 50 and we have worked in closely related fields for over 30 years with over 60 years corporate and community experience between us. Having started our working lives in London we have been operating separately across Australia and New Zealand for many years. Now we are once again joining forces in an area that we believe is vitally important.

Questions we believe organisations should be asking:

  • Do we have a good mix of age groups at work?
  • Do we recognise the needs of employees over 50 and have policies to develop their potential?
  • Do our leaders achieve great results by applying flexibility of time and place fairly within their teams or working groups?
  • Do our leaders know how to use the potential of multigenerational teams and groups to create real and sustainable results plus a respectful and vibrant learning culture?
  • Do we know how many employees experience stress as a result of their caring responsibilities? Do our leaders know how to help these employees manage their load?

Discover your full potential

Engaging Your Multi Generational WorkforceAsk us about how we can help with practical ideas for development. We can do that in person or on-line. We will talk with one person or a group. If you aren’t sure about the key issues facing your work group, we can survey your leaders and employees that are over 50 to give you specific feedback with practical, time effective suggestions.

This is an expenses only offer for a 40 minute session if at your workplace and at no cost if conducted online. You have nothing to lose…we have spent many years focussing on this topic and can help you to form your thoughts and plans for the future. Naturally we are also fully equipped with the experience and tools to help you develop your ideas… if you choose.

Our Difference:

  • We release the power of purpose and wisdom for employees over 50
  • We help to build policies and strategies for flexibility, age diversity with inclusivity and intergenerational strength within your organisation through your leaders.

Our areas of speciality:

  • Helping employees over 50 to reboot their purpose Re-purposing for the next 20 years and beyond. Fully develop the unique potential of employees over 50 at work or help them with transition to retirement.
  • Building policies covering older employees and intergenerational working
  • Creating awareness, understanding and strategies for developing the potential of generational diversity.
  • Operate more flexibly by revising working needs in place and time for best results and build respect between generations.
  • Supporting leaders to develop the skills to build great multigenerational teams and groups.
  • Create best roles for age related capabilities and help others to work together working with the whole team or group. Our operational model is comprehensive and practical.
  • Giving leaders the tools and techniques to support employees who are carers.
  • Provide comprehensive information about getting help, flexible work planning and offer mentoring through up-to-date kits.

Our approach:

We support your previous development programmes with:

  • Customised on-line development and Kits
  • Online video meetings, coaching and mentoring
  • Half or one day Workshops
  • Lunchtime Talks (20 - 40 minutes)
  • Ongoing support for HR specialists
  • Simple surveys and kits for feedback and information

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