Workplace Flexibility Training

Educating and skilling executives and managers has been identified as one of the major contributors to the development of a flexible workplace culture. Providing managers with the tools to manage flexibility issues within their teams helps to build their confidence and enables them to develop a team culture where flexible working becomes ‘the way we work here’.

How we can help

Our highly participative workshops are based on adult learning principles and include a range of activities such as case studies, group discussions and skills practices to ensure the full involvement of all participants. We offer sessions for staff at all levels of the organisation.

1 Flexible Work - Master Class

This is a high level workshop designed specifically for Senior Managers and HR Professionals who need to manage the implementation of flexible working within their business units. The workshop is tailored to meet the specific needs of each organisation. Key components include:

  • Understanding the business case for flexible working, highligting recent experiences as a result of changes resulting from Covid-19
  • responding to requests for flexible arrangements
  • Dealing with challenges and difficult situations
  • Implementing flexible work arrangements into the team environment – steps to ensure success for the team, the individual and the business.
  • Coaching steps for HR and other Leaders who need to manage flexibility through Supervisors and Team Leaders who report to them.
  • Monitoring and evaluating the flexibility within your business team

We work with you to build the most appropriate experience for your Managers and HR Professionals, We also provide fully customised work books and guides for each workshop participant. Please contact us for further details. 

2 Senior Manager Briefings

Senior management sessions focus on strategic business issues and outcomes and are customised for each client to meet specific organisational needs.

The sessions can include an overview of compliance issues, particularly those relating to the new Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations relating to Women on Boards and Diversity requirements, as well as the Fair Work Act 2010. As well, emphasis can be given to the issues relating to the attraction and retention of talent. Our consultants would welcome the opportunity to discuss with you your specific needs and priorities and develop an appropriate briefing session.

3 Manager Workshops and Briefing Sessions

Since the introduction of the Fair Work Act 2010, as well as participating in the culture change process where the organisation has adopted the All Roles Flex, approach to flexible working, it has become even more important to provide managers with both the skills and processes to ensure their ability to manage such situations. All too often, leaders have not had the experience or training to manage the introduction of flexible working, in their teams, in a positive way.

Our workshops, training programs and briefing sessions provide

  • guidance,
  • skills,
  • practical tools and guides, and
  • personal development opportunities

to enable managers and team leaders to implement work/life options and flexible work practices, so as to respond appropriately to the needs of employees in a way which complements and supports business goals and values.

Take action to improve your workplace flexibilty

Our consultants design and facilitate sessions for both managers and employees who wish to access flexible work arrangements within their workplace and ensure their successful implementation. Talk to us about how we can share our experiences and help your organisation meet the needs of your staff. Contact us now