Carers in your workplace

Australia's population is ageing. Between now and 2050 the number of older people (65 to 84 years) is expected to more than double; In contrast, the number of children is expected to increase by 45 per cent; prime-age working people are expected to increase by 44 per cent. This means that, the proportion of people aged 65

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Childcare & Parenting Resource Kit

Finding and choosing quality childcare is a major challenge for many working parents.

By assisting employees to meet the challenge of finding and managing their childcare responsibilities, organisations can improve their retention of talented and experienced people who are balancing work and childcare

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Eldercare Information Kit

Australia and New Zealand have an ageing workforce many of whom are carers.


Did you know?
  • Employees with Eldercare responsibilities take 30 per cent more time off work to care for their family members than those with childcare responsibilities
  • Nearly 600,000 Australians provide care for older relatives or

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