Eldercare Information Kit

Eldercare Information Kit

Australia and New Zealand have an ageing workforce many of whom are carers.

Eldercare Information KitDid you know?
  • Employees with Eldercare responsibilities take 30 per cent more time off work to care for their family members than those with childcare responsibilities
  • Nearly 600,000 Australians provide care for older relatives or friends
  • Family members provide over 80 per cent of the help given to people over 60
  • Of those people working prior to taking on the "carer" role, 15 per cent make changes to their work hours due to their responsibilities for caring
  • 21 per cent of primary carers are employed part-time and 17 per cent work full-time (Source: ABS, Social Trends 2005, Cat. No. 4102.0, 2003).

So if you are a carer you are not alone. If you are a manager of a team of people it's highly likely that now or in the not too distant future one of your team will become the primary carer of an older person.

Finding care and services for an older person can be challenging

Employees report that finding services and options for older family members or close friends is time-consuming and more complex than they expect. Absenteeism increases and, in some cases, employees resign because they are not able to cope. Employers are losing experienced and talented employees who could have been helped to manage their situation by an employer who is responsive to eldercare issues.

How we can help.

A tried and tested way to assist your staff with resources and information about eldercare issues

The Managing Work|Life Balance International Eldercare Information Kit is a low-cost resource which organisations can utilise to provide practical help which is both valuable to employees and cost-effective for the business. Recent additions include information for Carers in New Zealand.

Over 60 private and public sector organisations now provide this material to staff online. The Kit provides information that helps employees understand the issues and access the services they need. The recently upgraded Kit now enables staff to access the resource on their Smart Phone, Tablet or remote PC. This means the material is available to them at home, when they meet with their relatives or even when travelling on the train. Wherever there is an internet connection they can access the Eldercare Kit

Topics covered in the online Kit include:

  • Planning to manage eldercare and work responsibilities
  • Caring for the carer
  • Working flexibly as a carer
  • Understanding the needs of the older person and managing priorities
  • Financial assistance for carers
  • Residential care options
  • Ancillary care services for older people
  • Caring for an older person from a distance
  • Issues facing LGTBI families and carers
  • Health, safety and security
  • Legal services for older people
  • Consumer rights within health, community services and residential care
  • Government assistance through pensions and benefit schemes
  • Organising a Funeral
  • Coping with loss and grief
  • An extensive resource directory of agencies, associations and other eldercare resources available throughout Australia

The Eldercare Kit contains checklists and discussion guides to help carers, their families and older dependants to address the needs of eldercare.

The Eldercare Information Kit is available through a licensing arrangement with Managing Work|Life Balance.

Organisations currently using or have recently used the Kit include:

  • Abbvie Australia
  • Allens
  • Ashurst
  • ANZ Bank
  • Australian Broadcasting Commission
  • Australian Pharmaceutical Industries
  • PriceWaterhouse Coopers
  • Marsh HR Consulting
  • Minter Ellison,
  • Origin Energy
  • Orica
  • University of Newcastle
  • Chevron
  • Clayton Utz
  • Sigma
  • Sydney Water

Contact us now to find ot how you can make this resource available for your staff.


Employee Workshops Caring for an Older Dependant

These highly participative workshops are designed to help staff better manage their caring responsibilities. Typically a session will include:

  • How you can get help. A presentation and discussion that focuses on gaining support from within the family and/or friendship circle.
  • An overview of some of the health and wellbeing issues that can occur and the steps that the carer can take to access the appropriate resources.
  • Locating resources – link to the Eldercare kits (if the organisation is a license holder), EAP providers, Local Govt Services and National Agencies.
  • Preparing a personal action plan to move forward.

The sessions are customised to meet the specific needs of the staff within your organisation. Sessions can be as short as one hour and as long as three hours.

Please contact us for more information.

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