About Managing Work|Life Balance International

Managing Work | Life Balance International is a work/life/flexibilty consultancy that assists organisations implement and evaluate work/life and flexible work strategies that are focused on your needs and which, over time, help to attract and retain employees. We work in partnership with our clients to identify and implement the most practical and cost effective solution to work/life/dependant care and flexibility issues.

Barbara Holmes, Director of Managing Work|Life Balance has over 25 years experience in human resources consulting. She has worked extensively in Australia and the Asia Pacific leading and facilitating projects for government and private sector organisations. She has contributed to a number of publications on flexible working, attraction and retention of staff and diversity issues.

Our Mission to Help You

We understand that conflicts between work and lifestyle responsibilities are a 'bottom line' business issue. Our goal is to help organisations and their employees implement innovative responses to business challenges - creating a flexible corporate culture that delivers positive business benefits. Our programs and services deliver improved productivity and maximise business outcomes.

Managing Work|Life Balance was established in 1990 and over the years has developed extensive local and international experience in the area of work/life balance, flexible working,workplace behaviours and organisational change. Our range of consulting services and resource materials focus on delivering practical solutions that meet the needs of business, employees and managers.

Client Focus

We focus on building a collaborative relationship with our clients that will not only deliver tailored and appropriate solutions but also transfer and build knowledge and expertise. We are committed to delivering consulting services that:

  • Are based on the most recent local and international research and validated experiences with clients
  • Will provide pragmatic and realistic options on which to base future actions
  • Will deliver the agreed results
  • Are value for money
  • Are delivered on time and on budget
  • Support an organisation's progress in achieving Best Practice status
  • Make flexible work arrangements a success for the business, staff and the team.

We invite you to browse our site and to contact us to arrange a consultation, or to request further information on our various services.