Case Study - Assessing the need for childcare facilities

Making decisions about the appropriate services to support employees with childcare responsibilities needs to be based on valid statistical data that not only assesses current, but also future, needs. In this project, our team helped the client to gain a better understanding of the childcare needs of staff who work in a 24/7 environment.

Childcare Feasibility Study

As part of an overall strategy to amalgamate a series of sites and grow its city based site, a national broadcaster wished to gain a better understanding of the childcare needs of its staff, and to assess the feasibility of developing an on-site or near site childcare facility.

Managing Work|Life Balance consultants won a competitive tender to undertake the detailed childcare feasibility study. The project consisted of:

  • Consultation with Managers and project leaders.
  • Focus groups with both leaders and staff.
  • An in-depth survey and review of staff needs and priorities. This covered over 6000 members of staff with a participation rate in excess of 45%.
  • Assessment of potential usage of an on-site childcare facility
  • Review of local current and future childcare facilities
  • Evaluation of on-site and other childcare options.
  • The assessment of other options such as flexible working as a means to enable staff to better manage their caring and work responsibilities.

The data was subsequently used to make long-term decisions on how to support staff with childcare responsibilities.